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Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics

Honorary Professor
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+61 2 612 54867
Room 4.24, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Financial system and economic development in China; Alternative finance; Managerial incentive in state capitalism; Institutional Investment, governance and performance; Diversity and corporate performance; Infrastructure and productivity.


Meijun Qian is a Professor of Finance, and a Research Fellow at the Wharton Financial Institution Center. She was also a consultant economist for Asian Development Bank and a visiting scholar at the Becker and Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago. Meijun’s research interests include financial system and economic development in China and India, managerial incentives in state capitalism, alternative finance, mutual funds, infrastructure and productivity, and diversity. Her research has appeared in top-tier academic journals including Journal of Financial EconomicsJournal of Financial and Quantitative AnalysisManagement Science, and Journal of Financial Intermediation. It has also been presented to regulators including The Stock Exchange Committee, Federal Reserve Banks, People’s Bank of China, The Capital Market Board of Turkey, World Economy Forum, and The Wilson Center. Meijun’s work has had a high impact amongst academics, the financial industry, and policymakers and is widely cited (6,200+ citations in Google Scholar and 1,800+ citations in Web of Science).

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Research publications

1. “A Review of China’s Institutions,” with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian. Annual Review of Financial Economics, 11, 39-64, December 2019.

2. “Understanding Informal Financing”, with Franklin Allen and Jing Xie. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 39, 19-33, 2019.

3. “Political Promotion, CEO Incentives, and the Relationship between Pay and Performance”, with Jerry Cao, Michael Lemmon, Xiaofei Pan, and Gary Tian. Management Science, 65(7), 2947-3448, July 2019.

4. “Real Estate Risk, Corporate Investment and Financing Choice", with Xiaoying Deng and Seow Eng Ong. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 57(1), 87-113, July 2018.

5. “How Gradualist Are Chinese Reforms? Evidence from Rural Income Determinants”, with Yasheng Huang, European Journal of Finance, 24, 19-35, January 2018

6. “Litigations and Mutual Fund Runs”, with Basak Tanyeri, Journal of Financial Stability, 31, 119-135 (semi-finalist for Best Paper Award at FMA 2011), 2017.

7. “Political capital and CEO entrenchment: Evidence from CEO turnover in Chinese non-SOEs”, with Jerry Cao, Xiaofei Pan, and Gary Tian. Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol 42, 1-14 January, 2017 (lead article).

8. “Political institutions, entrenchments, and the sustainability of economic development – A lesson from rural finance”, with Yasheng Huang, China Economic Review, Vol 40, 152-178, June 2016.

9. “Bank Financing and Corporate Governance”, with Bernard Yeung, Journal of Corporate Finance, 32, 258-270, June 2015.(Citation count: Web of Science: 22).

10. “Cross-Border LBOs”, with Jerry Cao, Douglas Cummings, and Xiaoming Wang, Journal of Banking and Finance, 50, 69-80, January 2015. (Citation count: Web of Science: 9)

11.“Financing Firms in India”, with Franklin Allen, Rajesh Chakrabarti, Sankar De, and Jun Qian, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 21(3), 409-445, July 2012. (Citation count: Web of Science: 25, most cited JFI articles published since 2012, google scholar 208).

12.“Is ‘Voting with Your Feet’ an Effective Mutual Fund Governance Mechanism?” (Sole author), Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(1),45-61, February 2011. (Citation count: Web of Science: 7, Summarized by Jot K. Yau in CFA Digest 41(2), 10-11, 2011)

13.“Stale Prices and the Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds”, (Sole author), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,46(2), 369-394, April 2011.

14.“Law, Finance, and Economic Growth in China”, with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian, Journal of Financial Economics, 77, 57-116, July 2005. (Citation count: Web of Science: 717; Google Scholar: 3,024, JFE All Star paper 1974-2012).

15.“Conditional Performance Evaluation, Revisited” with Wayne Ferson, monograph. The Research Foundation of CFA Institute, September 2004. ISBN: 0943205700 (Citation count: google scholar: 140)

Books/ Reports/Chapters

16. “Rethinking State Ownership”, East Asian Forum, forthcoming.

17. “China’s Incomplete Financial Reform”, East Asian Forum, December 2019

18. “Women’s Leadership and Corporate Performance”, 2015, (Solo author), Asian Development Bank (ADB) Economics Working Paper Series, No.472, January 2016.

19. “Diversity Matters – Adding Colour to Boards in APAC”, 2015, with Marleen Dieleman, Muhammad Ibrahim, and Vivien Lim.

20. “Singapore Board Diversity Report 2014– Picture the Performance Premium”, with Marleen Dieleman and Muhammad Ibrahim.

21. “Singapore Board Diversity Report 2013 – Time for Women to Rise”, with Marleen Dieleman and Muhammad Ibrahim.

22. “The Impact of the U.S. Subprime Crisis on China’s Financial System”, (Solo author), Chapter 2 in Managing Economic Crisis in East Asia, edited by Saw Swee-Hock and John Wong, EAI, 2010.

23. “China’s Financial System: Past, Present and Future”, with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian, Chapter 14 in China’s Great Economic Transformation, edited by L. Brandt and T. Rawski, Cambridge University Press, 2008. [Citation count: google scholar: 275; Translated into Chinese in 2009].

24. “Law, Institutions and Finance in China and India”, with F. Allen, R. Chakrabarti, S. De, and J. Qian, Chapter 5 in Emerging Giants: China and India in the World Economy, edited by B. Eichengreen, P. Gupta, and R. Kumar, Oxford University Press, 2009.

25. “A Review of China's Financial System and Initiatives for the Future”, with F. Allen, J. Qian, and M. Zhao, lead chapter in China’s Emerging Financial Markets: Challenges and Opportunities, edited by J. Barth and J. Tatom, Milken Institute Series on Financial Innovation and Economic Growth, Springer, 2009.

26. “Will China’s Financial System Stimulate or Impede the Growth of Its Economy?” with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian, in China’s Economy: Retrospect and Prospect, Asia Program Special Report No. 129, 33-41, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C., 2005.

27.“Comparing China’s Financial System”, with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian, China Journal of Finance, 1(1), 1-28, 2003. Lead article.

28. “Building China’s Financial System in the 21st Century”, with Franklin Allen and Jun Qian, Harvard China Review, 4(1), 36-41, 2003.

Policy Commentaries

29.“Do we understand China? A lesson from dealing with COVID-19”, The China Story, June
12, 2020

30. “Rethinking State Ownership”, East Asian Forum, May, 2020.

31. “China’s Incomplete Financial Reform”, East Asian Forum, December 2019.

32. “Why S-chip fraud cases keep cropping up?”, The Business Times, Feb 17, 2012.

33. “Are Mutual Fund Managers really underperform?”, The Business Times, 2011.

34.“Fixing the SME Financing Gap”, The Business Times, 2008.

Research grants and awards

2014    Runner-up, FMA, “Litigation and mutual fund runs”.

2011    Best Paper Award in Corporate Governance at the 2nd Finance and Corporate Governance Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

2005    NYSE student grant at the Western Finance Association, Portland, OR.

2005    S&P student consortium at the Financial Management Association, Chicago, IL.

2005    American Association student travel grant, Philadelphia, PA.

2004    Second Prize, Best Paper Award at the 12th Annual Chinese Finance Association. Conference, Boston, October. “China’s Financial System: Past Present, and Future”.

Media Award

2014    Singapore’s 12 most influential business professor under 40, Singapore Business Review

Research Grants

ARC Discovery Project, DP190103511. “Transport and Productivity, a study on Australia's Largest Trading Partner”, 2018.

Humanity and Social Science Seed Funding (MOE, Singapore), “SME financing”, 2014.

Research Grant by the Research Foundation of CFA Institute, “Conditional Performance Revisited”, 2003.

Research Grant, Centre for Governance, Institutions & Organizations (CGIO), 2012.

Academic Research Fund, the Ministry of Education in Singapore, 2011.

Academic Research Fund, the Ministry of Education in Singapore,2010.

Academic Research Fund, the Ministry of Education in Singapore

Research Grant by the Research Foundation of CFA Institute, 2003

Research engagement and outreach


Associate Editor          2015 -  present     Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting

Asset Management Industry

Independent Director   2016 - present      Spruce Light Assets Management

Independent Director   2016 - 2019          Academia Capital Management


Current Teaching:

FINM 7045 Asian Capital Markets

FINM 8021 Doctoral Studies in Corporate Finance Empirical

Previous Teaching:

FINM 3005 Corporate Valuation

Other institutions:

Empirical Research Methods

Financial Markets

Corporate Finance