Actuarial Studies Seminar - Rui Zhou - University of Melbourne

A seminar by Associate Professor Rui Zhou from the University of Melbourne

Title: A Multi-parameter-level Model for Simulating Future Mortality Scenarios with COVID-alike Effects

Abstract: There has been a growing interest among pension plan sponsors in envisioning how the mortality experience of their active and deferred members may turn out to be if a pandemic similar to the COVID-19 occurs in the future. To address their needs, we propose in this paper a stochastic model for simulating future mortality scenarios with COVID-alike effects. The proposed model encompasses three parameter levels. The first level includes parameters that capture the long-term pattern of mortality, whereas the second level contains parameters that gauge the excess age-specific mortality due to COVID-19. Parameters in the first and second levels are embedded in a generalized linear mixed model, which is estimated using penalized quasi-likelihood maximization. Finally, the third level includes parameters that draw on expert opinions concerning, for example, how likely a COVID-alike pandemic will occur in the future. We illustrate our proposed model with data from the United States and a range of expert opinions.


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Rui Zhou