Statistics Seminar - Zhenhua Lin - National University of Singapore

A seminar by Professor Zhenhua Lin from the National University of Singapore

Title: High-dimensional MANOVA via Bootstrapping Max Statistics

Abstract: In the talk I will present a new approach to the problem of high-dimensional multivariate ANOVA via bootstrapping max statistics that involve the differences of sample mean vectors. The proposed method proceeds via the construction of simultaneous confidence regions for the differences of population mean vectors. It is suited to simultaneously test the equality of several pairs of mean vectors of potentially more than two populations. By exploiting the variance decay property that is a natural feature in relevant applications, it is possible to achieve dimension-free and nearly-parametric convergence rates for Gaussian approximation, bootstrap approximation, and the size of the test. The proposed methodology, demonstrated with ANOVA problems for functional data and sparse count data, is shown to work well in simulations and several real data applications. This talk is based on joint works with Miles Lopes and Hans-GeorMüller.



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Zhenhua Lin