Bridget Browne

Bridget Browne


Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics

Senior Lecturer
Room 3.58, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Actuarial studies; Life insurance; Longevity; Long term care and aged care; Mortality modelling; Life insurance-linked securities.


Bridget Browne is a Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Studies and a Partner at Ernst & Young.  Bridget is a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.  She is also an affiliate member of the French Institut des Actuaires and qualified as a Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary. Bridget’s research interests include life insurance and longevity, particularly as they apply to long term care and aged care.  She has also done work on mortality modelling and life insurance-linked securities, including pandemic risk.  Bridget is especially interested in the application of enterprise risk management principles in practice. Her research has been published in leading scholarly journals including Annals of Actuarial Science.

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Research publications

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Browne BA, Duchassaing J, Suter F, (2010) Longevity: A 'Simple' Stochastic Modelling of Mortality, British Actuarial Journal, Volume 15 (supplement)


Research engagement and outreach

Member of the CERA Review Panel

Past Chair of the Faculty for Commercial Actuarial Practice (Module 4 of Part III in the Actuaries Institute Fellowship qualification) and Course Leader for Enterprise Risk Management stream

Past Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Actuarial Practice

Past Chief Examiner of Course 2A Life Insurance (Module 2 of Part III in the Actuaries Institute Fellowship qualification)

Bridget joined EY in 2015 and ANU in 2011 after having served as Life Chief Pricing Actuary at Partner Reinsurance Europe Ltd where she was responsible for all aspects of pricing of Partner Re’s Life portfolio worldwide, including mortality and longevity transactions in both reinsurance and securitised forms.  Prior to her work with Partner Re, Bridget worked in a variety of actuarial roles with Zurich Financial Services and Hazell Carr.


ACST4060/ACST8060 Enterprise Risk Management 1

ACST4031/ACST8040 Actuarial Control Cycle A1

ACST4032/ACST8041 Actuarial Control Cycle A2

ACST8051 Special Topics in Actuarial Studies - Life Insurance

STAT3038/STAT6045 Actuarial Techniques

STAT2032/STAT6046 Financial Mathematics