The Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics explores research questions that have an impact across wide sections of society, and that further our understanding of fundamental theories. We feed our research outcomes back into our educational programs to keep them as current and robust as possible.

Making education widely accessible to people is an essential ingredient to a healthy and prosperous society. Our research finds ways to overcome financial barriers.

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Social services such as healthcare can often sit behind high financial walls. Our research explores ways of improving the quality of those services.

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Actuarial Studies

The Actuarial Studies group has a diverse range of interests that involve collaboration with colleagues in a number of disciplines including economics, finance, demography and statistics.


The Finance group undertakes rigorous theoretical and empirical research in asset pricing, corporate finance and banking.


The Statistics Research Group brings together staff with a diverse range of interests and research agendas ranging from probability theory to applications of statistics.

ANU College of Business and Economics Research

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