Profile management

Staff have access to edit their own profile page on the CBE and Research School websites.

1) Log in

To make edits you will first need to login here.

If you haven't logged in to this website before you'll first need to set your password here, by entering your university ID as the username (u1234567), and clicking 'Submit'. This will send an email to your ANU account. Please check your Junk Email folder if you don't see it. The email link will allow you to set a password, which you'll need to confirm and save.

The password that you set is only used for logging in to the CBE and Research School websites. If you encounter any problems, please let us know at

2) Edit your profile page

You'll need to navigate to (or refresh) your staff profile page. 

You should see an "Edit" button just below the title of the page.

edit profile page

This will allow you to make text changes and save them.

If you'd like to update your profile photo, or you require any assistance, please email us at

Please note that the "Edit" option that appears when you first log in (below your university ID) only applies to your login information, rather than your staff directory webpage.

If you are off-campus, you may need to have the ANU Global Protect client running in order to save the changes to your profile page.