RSFAS Health and Safety

Below provides links to information that relates to your safety and wellbeing at workplace.

  1. In case of Emergency, please follow the CBE Emergency procedure - Click here (
  2. Your Emergency wardens -
  3. CBE First Aid Officers –
  4. Location of CBE First Aid Room -
  5. Workstation set up does not seem to suit you? Ask your OCCUPATIONAL STRAINS LIAISON OFFICER (OSLOs) for help – Clink here:
  6. Feeling a bit low in spirit from time to time? ANU has in-house advisors to staff and student counselling services. They can be contacted here:
  7. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available both staff and students. Find out more here:
  8. Feel that you need to talk with someone about some health and safety issues in the School but would like to keep it confidential? You can always talk to your Health and Safety Representatives (Patricia Dennis). Clink here for their names and locations:
  9. Report an incident and/or a hazard via FigTree. Click here:
  10. Your safety matters. When on Campus, particularly after hours, any safety concerns, ANU Security is there to help. Their number: 612 52249. ANUOK App is also a very useful tool to have. For more info, click here:
  11. Electrical Safety - Did you know that double adaptors are not to be used at the ANU (as they have no overload protection)?  The use of private owned electrical appliances (such as heaters and fans) is discouraged. All non ANU owned electrical appliances (unless exempt) must be inspected, tested and tagged before being used in University workplaces. The cost of testing and tagging (by a competent person or external company) is to be covered by the appliance owner. Power boards should include a circuit breaker. Extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution. For detailed policy on this, please click here:
  12. RSFAS WHS Newsletters provides some useful information or quick and easy tips and traps on matters that relate to your health and safety. They are available here:

    a. Hazard Reporting Leaflet – July 2019
    b. RSFAS WHS Newsletter – April 2019
    c. RSFAS WHS Newsletter – August 2018
  13. CBE WHS Committee oversight the College’s WHS to ensure its continuing suitability and system effectiveness. The Committee meets quarterly. Information on Committee members, its charter and each meeting minutes is available for your review. Please click here: