The Statistics Research Group within the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics (RSFAS) brings together staff with a diverse range of interests and research agendas ranging from probability theory to applications of statistics. Our staff collaborate with researchers throughout the University and elsewhere, including those from the Mathematical Sciences Institute, the CSIRO, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Crawford School of Public Policy, and the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute. Many of the Group's staff have close collaborations with academics within the CBE itself, including those in the fields of Actuarial Studies, Finance, and Economics.

Further information about research interests can be found on the profile pages of the Statistics faculty.

Statistics seminars

Recent selected publications

Inference on Covariance-Mean Regression

Zou, T., Lan, W., Li, R. and Tsai, C.-L.  Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming

Imputations for High Missing Rate Data in Covariates via Semi-supervised Learning Approach

Lan, W., Chen, X., Tsai, C.-L. and Zou, T.  Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming

Analogues on the sphere of the affine-equivariant spatial median

Scealy, J.L. and Wood, A.T.A. (2020) Journal of the American Statistical Association

Regression modelling for size-and-shape data based on a Gaussian model for landmarks

Dryden, I.L., Kume, A., Paine, P.J. and Wood, A.T.A.  (2020) Journal of the American Statistical Association.   

Estimation in linear errors-in-variables models with unknown error distribution 

Nghiem, L., Byrd, M., and Potgieter, C. (2020) Biometrika. 


2019 Hannan Medal 

Alan Welsh received the prestigious 2019 Hannan Medal from the Australian Academy of Science, recognising his significant contributions to the field of statistics.  

ARC grant successes 

Francis Hui was awarded an ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA 2020) for the project ‘Modern statistical methods for complex multivariate longitudinal data.’ 

Janice Scealy (jointly with A.P. Roberts and D. Heslop) was awarded an ARC Discovery Projects grant (2019) for the project ‘A new generation of palaeomagnetic statistics.’ 

Eric Stone was awarded an ARC Discovery Projects grant (2019) for the project ‘Guiding principles and guardrails for genetic association studies’  

Francis Hui and Alan Welsh (jointly with Professor Samuel Mueller) were awarded an ARC Discovery Projects grant (2018) for the project ‘Dimension reduction and model selection for statistically challenging data.’  

Janice Scealy was awarded an ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA 2018) for the project ‘Statistics for manifold-valued data.’ 

Vice-Chancellor’s Award 

Congratulations to Tao Zou for receiving a 2020 Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (Early Career). 


ANU-RSFAS research camp

ANU-RSFAS hosts an annual summer research camp. Please see information about the 2019 camp here.