Recent selected publications

Inference on Covariance-Mean Regression

Zou, T., Lan, W., Li, R. and Tsai, C.-L.  Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming

Imputations for High Missing Rate Data in Covariates via Semi-supervised Learning Approach

Lan, W., Chen, X., Tsai, C.-L. and Zou, T.  Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming

Analogues on the sphere of the affine-equivariant spatial median

Scealy, J.L. and Wood, A.T.A. (2020) Journal of the American Statistical Association

Regression modelling for size-and-shape data based on a Gaussian model for landmarks

Dryden, I.L., Kume, A., Paine, P.J. and Wood, A.T.A.  (2020) Journal of the American Statistical Association.   

Estimation in linear errors-in-variables models with unknown error distribution 

Nghiem, L., Byrd, M., and Potgieter, C. (2020) Biometrika. 

Scaled von Mises-Fisher distributions and regression models for paleomagnetic directional data

Scealy, J. L. and Wood, A. T. A. (2019) Journal of the American Statistical Association

Semiparametric regression using variational approximations

Hui, F.K.C., You, C., Shang H.L., and Mueller, S. (2019) Journal of the American Statistical Association